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4-ch Relay, 4-ch Opto-Isolated Digital Inputs, Industrial USB Relay Module

  • 4-ch Relay 2Amp @ 30VDC
  • 4-ch Isolated Digital Input
  • Dry-Contact Inputs
  • USB Powered and Controlled
  • Auto Report ready
  • Easy Operated
  • IA Series compatible
  • DIN-Rail Mounted



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4 Opto Isolated Digital Inputs module

The IA-3304-U is one of the IA-33XX Tiny modules series with 4 opto isolated Digital Inputs, which may be used as non-isolated inputs as well, 4 SPST Relays output and dry contact input.

The common line is shared between each 2 relays, to ease the wiring efforts. The IA-3304-U Baud Rate range is 1200 to 230400, and can be easily set through a software command. A built in Unique Software ID helps logistic tracking as well as Software Sales Control. Input type (Isolated or Non-Isolated), is selected by an internal jumper. Status of each Input and Output is locally displayed and may be easily set by the supplied software.

The module is software compatible to the IA-series.

Software Support

Software support available at Intelligent-Appliance Knowledge Base

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Weight 0.5 kg