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64 channels, Unbussed, Power Relay Controller USB & RS-232 Controlled

  • 64-ch Relay Board
  • 7Amp @ 277VAC per Channel
  • Short & Easy Group Wiring
  • Built in Buffered Local Expansion
  • Thousands of Relays may be operated by a single communication port
  • Synchronized Multi-Board operation
  • Built-in Second Watchdog for system protection
  • Isolated USB port for best Host Isolation
  • Up to BR 230K for fast communication
  • Series-3000 Software Compatibility
  • CE & FCC Approved, ROHS compatible
  • Pluggable
  • DIN-Rail/Panel mounting ready



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64 channels Unbussed Power Relay Controller USB & RS-232 Controlled

The IA-3171-U2i-P is an Industrial Grade USB and RS-232 Relay Controller, CE and FCC approved, ROHS compliant. This reliable module is designed to operate on the Factory Floor in a harsh, noisy, EMI/RFI Environment. The USB port is Optically Isolated, to ensure the Host Computer Isolation from the Factory Floor.

The IA-3171-U2i-P includes 64 High Voltage Relays that are structured as 8 Groups of 8 Relays each, without any connection between the relays. For a bussed relay solution kindly refer to the IA-3172-U2i relay controller. Each relay is protected by a Voltage Suppressor device, keeping low RFI noise and prolongs relays life. A built-in buffered Local expansion facility enables the operation of thousands of relays via a single communication port, supported by Global and Synchronizing commands.

The controller default BR is 19200, while supporting up to BR 115200 on multi-drop operation.

Software Support

Software drivers, Open Source code examples, configuration and operation utilities help a fast and easy product implementation.

Software support available at Intelligent-Appliance Knowledge Base

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