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Industrial Power Relay Controller

  • 16 Power Relays
  • Isolated Voltage Monitor
  • Dual Watchdog Protection
  • Isolated USB Port
  • USB and RS-232 Controlled
  • Fast Communication Rate
  • 16Amp @ 250VAC Contact Rating
  • Inductive Load Protection on each output
  • DIN-Rail mounting ready
  • Easy Chaining



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Industrial Power Relay Controller

The IA-3137-U2i is an Industrial Power Relay Controller, USB and RS-232 Controlled, with an easy and transparent operated chaining method.

The IA-3137-U2i includes 16 power relays with a contact rating of 16Amp at 250VAC, each. An Isolated Voltage Monitor is available on board, in order to provide an easy mean to monitor the presence of the Main Supply. This circuit has two operation voltage ranges to choose from. 10 to 60VDC as a standard, with no extra suffix on product’s P/N, or 90 to 277AC voltage range on boards that carries an “H” suffix.

Each IA-3137-U2i Relay Controller has a unique ID number that equals its Serial Number as well as a User defined Address to help dealing with a multi controllers system. The Isolated USB port helps separating PC and Factory Floor power sources and GND lines to minimize factory environment EMI/RFI noise on the Host PC, while internal registers may be set to predefined Relays status in an extreme case of communication failure.

Software Support

Open Source software examples, .net Library and operation utilities are provided to short software implementation routine.

Software support available at Intelligent-Appliance Knowledge Base

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Weight 1 kg

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