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Single/Dual/Quad Pole 64/32/16-ch Multiplexer Ethernet Controlled Module

  • Ethernet Relay Multiplexer
  • Single Pole, 64 Channel
  • Dual Pole, 32 Channel
  • Quad Pole, 16 Channel
  • “Break-before-Make” mechanism
  • 2Amp@30VDC Rating Contact
  • Locally chained ready
  • Watchdog Secured Operation
  • DIN-Rail Mounting ready
  • Simple Wiring



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TCP IP Ethernet controlled Multiplexer

The IA-3133-BE is a TCP/IP/Ethernet controlled Multiplexer capable of handling 64, 32 or 16 channels incorporating a single line, dual lines or quad lines each.

This Multiplexer has 5 operation modes, enabling the complete utilization of the infrastructure and its adaptation to a specific application.

The Multiplexer includes a local processor and infrastructure, taking care of all the necessary actions, including the “break-before-make” feature.

Software Support

Software support for the new IA-3133-BE includes a Microsoft Visual Studio DLL, software samples, and software utilities designed to immediately run the device. It also includes a command line allowing the user to learn the basic language if the need arises for using software that is not supported by Microsoft.

Software support available at Intelligent-Appliance Knowledge Base

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Weight 1 kg

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