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Isolated TCP/IP, 96 Digital Inputs TTL/LVTTL/30VDC, Pluggable Screw Terminals

  • Isolated TCP/IP port
  • 96 Digital Input channels
  • TTL/LVTTL/30V signal handling
  • “Dry-Contact” Inputs
  • Positive and Negative Logic Supported
  • Selectable Input pull-ups source
  • Onboard watchdog protection
  • High noise immunity
  • Pluggable terminal blocks
  • Din-Rail mounting ready
  • Open source DOT.net code examples
  • Monitor and control



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Isolated TCP IP 96 Digital Inputs Controller

The IA-2661-E is an Industrial 96-ch TTL/LVTTL/30VDC Digital Input Controller with LAN (TCP/IP) Interface.

This TTL/LVTTL/30VDC Digital Input Controller replaces a Plug-In card, expansion cables and Screw Terminal Expansion boards. The result is a compact and most economical solution, recommended for less demanding cases, in terms of communication speed, while comparing BUS speed to Serial communication one.

The IA-2661-E has 96 Input channels, divided into 6 groups, while each group may be configured in a different way, according to the user needs. The user may define a Positive Pull-up, GND pull-down or any External Voltage, Positive or Negative as the Pull-up source, while expecting Active Low signals in pull-up cases and Active High signal in Pull-down.

Default Logic operation voltage is +5V, but it might be changed into 3.3V to meet an extreme customer need. The Board is assigned with an IP address, and can be controlled and monitored simply by a software utility that is included in the software support package, or it can be controlled by the open source code software examples, making use of the most capable MS Studio software driver.

Data can be logged by polling or it can be set to generate a software interrupt for any change on Digital Input Status or by a preset timing.

There is another Series board member, the IA-2662-E unit that includes 48 input channels rather than 96 channels, and includes 48 output channels as well.


The IA-2661-E fits a wide range of industrial applications as Machine Interface, Data Acquisition, Absolute Encoder Reading and ATE, Automatic Testing.

Software Support

Software support available at Intelligent-Appliance Knowledge Base

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