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TCP/IP, Web Controlled, 96-ch Flexible I/O, Pluggable Screw Terminals

  • 96-ch Digital I/O Controller
  • Input/output set by Group of 8-ch each
  • Output Commands can set 1/8/96 channels
  • Read back Output Registers
  • Real Output state can be monitored
  • Input state can be read at 8-ch/96-ch level
  • Pulling resistors may be set to Positive or GND
  • Visual Studio DLL
  • Open source software examples
  • DIN-Rail mounting ready



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Web Controlled 96 relays Flexible IO

The IA-2660-E Digital I/O device includes 12 groups of 8 Digital I/O each. Each group may be independently set as an Input or as an Output. In addition, each Digital Output group’s state may be independently defined as Active or as High-State.

Output state of each channel may be controlled by a 96-ch command that affects all Output channels, by a Group Command that affects 8 channels state or by a single channel command. Another set of commands gets the output Registers state at a device level or at a group level, while another set of commands gets the I/O channel pin state at device or group base. This real channel state can be used for both Input and Output monitoring.

The IA-2660-E device can be set to either 3.3V or to 5V internal operation Voltage, in order to better fit and better interface with external 2.7 to 5V operated devices.

The IA-2660-E includes an Ethernet communication port while an Isolated USB port, version, is available as well, see IA-2660-Ui.

Software Support

The device support includes Visual Studio DLL, Open Source software examples, Web Page program to change the device IP address and operational mode, and several utilities to easily set the output channels state and to monitor the input state. Command Line feature within the utility enables an easy way to check and learn the device various commands.

Software support available at Intelligent-Appliance Knowledge Base