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16 Channel Relay USB Powered & Controlled 4/12 SPDT/SPST seperately wired

  • 16-ch Independent Relays
  • 4 SPDT Relays, 12 SPST
  • 3-ch Digital Input
  • “Dry-Contact” Inputs & Outputs
  • Watchdog Protection
  • Open Code Samples
  • Setup & Operation Utilities
  • Small Footprint
  • DIN-Rail Mounting ready



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16 Relays Board Controller

The IA-2117-U is a tiny, intelligent, 16 Relays Board Controller, sharing both SPST and SPDT relays, 3-ch Digital Input handling both “Dry-Contact” and Voltage Level defined status, USB powered and USB controlled.

The IA-2117-U, with as small footprint as 4.3”x2”, 16 relays with a contact rating of 2 Amp@30VDC, Independently wired, and 3-ch “Dry-Contact” inputs makes both an efficient and moderately priced Relay Control Solution. For bussed relay solution, kindly refer to IA-2116-U that shares the same footprint.

Software Support

.net Library, USB Drivers and Open Code Samples, are provided free of charge, attached to each IA-2117-U package, designed for fast and successful software implementation.

Software support available at Intelligent-Appliance Knowledge Base


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Weight 0.8 kg

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