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8-Ch Isolated Digital Input, 8-Ch SPDT Bussed Relay, USB Powered & Controlled

  • 8 SPDT form C Bussed relays.
  • 8 Isolated Digital Inputs
  • USB Powered and Controlled
  • 4/8 Bus Structure
  • Dry Contact Input
  • Watchdog Protected
  • Simple Operation
  • Open Source Code Samples
  • Small footprint
  • DIN RAIL Mounted



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8 Isolated Digital Inputs 8 SPDT tiny USB Relay Controller

The IA-2115-U is an Intelligent USB Relay Controller board, with a widened Commands List, implemented into a tiny, DIN-Rail mounted board.

The IA-2115-U includes 8 SPDT Relays and 8 Optic – Isolated Digital Inputs that may be easily controlled by its free software supporting package, or by customer’s self designed dedicated software.

The IA-2115-U is a new Intelligent-Appliance Dry-Contact I/O module. Its RS-232 version, IA-2114-2, may be used as a stand alone unit in Peer-to-Peer application or as an ordinary slave unit.

Our most experienced support team stand behind these new modules, eager to assist you in case needed. The IA-2115-U Relays Common lines are bussed, providing an easy wiring feature. For unbussed solution of same size and relays amount kindly refer to the IA-2114-U.

Software Support

Software support available at Intelligent-Appliance Knowledge Base

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