New approach to wiring industrial relay controllers, extendable and compact

Intelligent-Appliance’s IA-3172-U2i-P is a 64 relay controller which can handle up to 7Amp@277VAC per channel. In designing this controller, we took under consideration a long lasting, annoying issue, and created an easy-to-wire, user-friendly relay board solution. 

A new approach to wiring

Wiring a relay board, is a complicated, time-consuming task. The IA-3172-U2i-P introduces a new way to tackle this issue featuring both a new wiring design and Pluggable Terminal Blocks.
The wiring in the IA-3172-U2i-P is designed in groups of 8 relays, each group features a joined common conductor. This innovative approach to the wiring issue results in reducing the number of wires needed for the talk in half – from 128 wires for each 64-relay board to only 64. This reduction has an impact on cost in both materials and time invested in the task.
Pluggable Terminal Blocks, also available in a Screw-Less version, makes the task even simpler and less time consuming both during initial installation and during maintenance or board replacement.

 64 relay controller Extendable and compact

When the need to handle heavy loads arises and more than one board is needed, the IA-3172- U2i-P can be chained, enabling the operation of thousands of relays using a single communication channel – no need to wire each board to the hosting PC.
Due to this new wiring design, the IA-3172-U2i-P has a very compact design, making it the ideal candidate in tight fits. Using the IA-3172-U2i-P is a space saver when considered against other relay boards found in the market today.

Relay contact protection

In order to assure a longer lifetime for this board, and prevent EMI-RFI noise, the IA-3172-U2i-P features voltage suppressors for each relay, keeping the switching voltage to working level in order to avoid transient voltage damage to the relay in inductive load cases.
Unbussed version
In case the bussed relay does not fit the specific application, there is the IA-3171-U2i-P, in which each relay is independently wired.


This smart 64-relay board is suitable for a wide verity of IoT applications such as smart building control, automated testing systems (ATS), machinery control, production floor control, light boards control and many more.

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