IA-2115-U Tiny, User Friendly, USB Controlled Dry-Contact I/O

Tiny Dry-Contact I/O Controller is USB Powered & Controlled

Intelligent-Appliance has announced a new, Tiny, Dry-Contact I/O board, IA-2115-U that is USB Powered & Controlled. This new board incorporates 8 Opto-Isolated Digital Input channels and 8 SPDT Relay channels keeping a small footprint size.

Its USB Virtual COM Port enables a simple system implementation and a fast communication method of up to 230Kbps at any operating system. Relays contact rating is 2Amp @ 30VDC, and 0.4Amp @ 115VAC and its inputs isolation level is  2500VAC.

This new Intelligent Relay Controller is IA-3000 software compatible with an enhanced command list. Its free software supporting package includes open source examples, and simple operation utilities, for fast system implementation.

IA-2115-U - 8 Isolated Digital Inputs 8 SPDT tiny USB Relay Controller

The IA-2115-U is a new Intelligent-Appliance Dry-Contact I/O module that may be used either for ordinary PC controlled applications or for stand alone and Peer-to-Peer applications.

Most experienced support team stand behind these new modules, eager to assist you in case needed.

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